Octivism is a philosophy that I have put a lot of thought into and while the expression of the ideas of Octivism have changed over the years the basis or foundations remain the. same. Octivism is about experiencing life and growing into better people. Ambitious right? Of course. Doable? Absolutely!

Octivism isn’t a practice or path that requires a lot of money. A lot of new experiences can be achieved without any financial investment (other than what is already being spent). Look at the Internet! There is a plethora of online experiences out there other than just the few that many of us stick to.

I will go in depth in future blog posts as to what Octivism is and isn’t.

Advanced CSS Notes: BEM

BEM stands for Block Element Modifier. It is a front-end methodology in CSS for creating re-usable components. Blocks are stand alone entities in BEM.


Elements are merely part of the aforementioned block.


Modifiers are as the name suggests modifies the  element or block in some way. This modification is behavioral or visual.